Thursday, June 17, 2010

Review: 4 Stars from Dirty Sexy Books

Rebecca at Dirty Sexy Books gave Fairy Tale Lust a lovely 4 star review. I'm thrilled!

She singled out a few stories as her favorites:

There are too many stories for me to review them individually, but I will say that they were all decent, with several rising above the rest. My particular favorites were “The Pub Owner’s Daughter” by Alegra Verde, which closely mimicked a traditional fairy tale, “Sleep Tight” by Janine Ashbless, where a blue collar worker finds a sleeping beauty, “In the Dark Woods” by Kristina Wright, with a woman who may or may not be sleeping with a demon, and “The Return” by Charlotte Stein, where an unhappy wife is seduced by a man masquerading as her husband.

Thank you, Rebecca!

I'm delighted at the overwhelmingly positive response Fairy Tale Lust has received pre-publication. July is going to be a very exciting month!

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