Thursday, June 24, 2010

Interview: Saskia Walker

Saskia Walker lives close to the windswept moors of Yorkshire, which might explain why so many of her stories are imbued with paranormal and romantic elements. Her story "All in a Day's Work" is a fun, kinky day-in-the-life of a fairy godmother. What's not to love?

I wrote a story based on a fairytale character, the fairy godmother. When I saw the call for FAIRY TALE LUST I was intrigued. I decided to write about a fairy godmother because she is often seen as a secondary character in fairy tales, but rarely has a story of her own where we get inside her head. I wanted to give her that moment, but with a modern twist. The story is true to the nature of the fairy godmother—she’s nurturing and giving, and she knows what is good for the people she helps—but with a modern, erotic slant.

I’ve been writing erotica since 1996. How time flies! For several years I only wrote short stories, and then I graduated to longer work, novellas and novels. I still enjoy working on short stories and get an enormous sense of achievement when I write something that works as a self-contained short.

What advice would you give to aspiring erotica/erotic romance authors?

I say have fun with your work, because it shows! Stephen King has described writing as a kind of telepathy between the author and the reader. If you have fun with it, your sense of joy in the creative act will come across to the reader. That means you are going to show them a jolly good time as well!

What is your writing routine like?

My writing “routine” is very fact I use the word “routine” with some embarrassment. :) I tend to write in stints of about 40 minutes, and then I zip off and do other things. The story I am working on is always turning over at the back of my mind though. 99% of writing goes on in the imagination, it’s getting it out and onto the page that’s the hard part. I write across the day and into the evenings, in patches. I honestly wish I could do office hours and contain it. I've tried, but it just won't happen for me.

Are you a full-time writer? What is your “day job?”

I’m now a full-time writer, yes, after many years of scrabbling for the odd writing hour here and there. I was able to gradually go part-time with my day job as I began to get more publishing contracts, and around 4 years ago I took the plunge and became a full-time writer. Some days it’s hard, like any self-employed work you have to motivate yourself adn it can be lonely, but I’m a much happier person as result. I love my job!

Do you write to music? Did you have a song or soundtrack for your
Fairy Tale Lust story?

Always with music, yes. It was industrial dance music for this one, bands like Rammstein and Gravity Kills. Because my character is a modern twist on the fairy godmother, I imagined her as a leather-clad, kickass kind of a woman. She’s drawn to kinky characters and helps them live out the erotic fantasies they aren’t brave enough to manage
on their own. I figured she’d enjoy something punchy and powerful, much like myself! (teehee!)

Why do you think erotic fairy tales are so popular right now?

Pure escapism, I guess. I respond to erotic fairy tales because they mix fantasy and reality, and that means I can engage in the fantasy at a deeper level.

What do you enjoy reading? Favorite authors? Favorite genres? Recommendations?

I read a lot in the fantasy and paranormal genres, especially anything that has an erotic slant. One of my favorite paranormal romance writers at the moment is Kresley Cole. Her Immortals After Dark series has me eagerly awaiting the next book. I’m also a big fan of Janine Ashbless (who I see has a story in FAIRY TALE LUST – can’t wait to
read the whole book!) Janine writes terrific erotic fantasy and her novel WILDWOOD is one of my all time favourites

What’s next for you? Upcoming publications and current projects?

Next up from me on the Spice line is THE HARLOT, an erotic novel due out in June 2011. This is a historical paranormal erotic set in Scotland during the time of the witch trials. It’s a very bawdy, raunchy tale, and possibly the most intense hero/heroine relationship I’ve written to date.

I also have a series of shorter erotic novels about three psychic sisters on the go. This series is called EROGENOUS ZONES and the first book, MONICA’S SECRET, will be published by Total-E-Bound in October 2010.


  1. What a brilliant idea, writing about the fairy godmother! Now there's a character who has earned some indulgence. Which I'm sure you've given her. ; )

  2. Oh Saskia ... You love Rammstein - and Wildwood!
    I'm lost for words!
    *huge smoochy hug*

  3. Hi Saskia

    Your story sounds great and I love your advice to writers to 'have fun' with their writing. It's a key ingredient and one that definitely makes a difference to the story.

    All the best
    Louisa x

  4. Louisa, thanks! The advice is sound, and it works in reverse, ie if you're not enjoying it, that will show too. Who wants that? ;-)

    Janine, but of course... :) (Loving those smoochy hugs!)

    Jeremy, the concept of the fairy godmother always fascinated me. I was delighted to have the opportunity to explore that in an adult arena. (and that my story appealed to our lovely editor.)

  5. Your advice is sound! A sense of fun and play really came across in your story; I enjoyed reading it and can't wait to read your other work. "The Harlot" sounds awesome!

  6. Hi Michelle! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. Your comment made my day. :)