Tuesday, July 20, 2010

More Sightings!

The incomparable Kristina Lloyd posted this picture of Fairy Tale Lust to my Facebook page along with a note:

Brighton Waterstone's today! This is the main bookstore in town and it has only two small shelves of erotica so it was nice to see you there!

And Sheri sent me this picture of FTL in the Borders on Michigan Avenue in Chicago, shelved in the B's for some inexplicable reason. (I was also amused to note that I have stories in all but one of the anthologies around mine.)

Finally, Nick in Chesapeake, Virginia posed at Barnes & Noble with his copy of Fairy Tale Lust that I later autographed at my Norfolk reading:

Keep sending those pictures of Fairy Tale Lust out in the world! There are books and brownies in it for three lucky winners!

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